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Was John Kennedy Jr. Going To Divorce Carolyn? 17.Jun.2009

They had a fairytale weddingIt's hard to believe that it's been ten years already since John Kennedy's plane went down off the coast of Nantucket, taking the lives of John and his wife. Before their deaths there were numerous rumors about the couple not getting along, that she liked to party a little too much for his taste. But those stories died down after the crash.

Until now. This week's National Enquirer is running the story that John had planned to tell his Uncle Teddy that weekend about his plans to divorce his wife. Yet another mysterious insider claims that John confided in him that "John was planning to divorce Carolyn - and get the nastiness out of the way before launching a political career."

I find this all so hard to believe, especially the second claim. John always shied away from politics, despite the fact that everyone wanted him to run for something, anything, just so they could relive a little Camelot magic. I don't think his heart would have been in it. He abhorred publicity and seemed content publishing George. I feel sorry for Carolyn's family that this should be dredged up now. There's really no purpose and it must be very painful for them.