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Lindsay Lohan, Jewel Thief: Adding Credit Card Fraud To Her Resume In 3 Cracked-out Weeks 13.Oct.2009

That's right, bitches. GIVE it to me NOW!You think she'd be bored by now, what with all the shopping, famewhoring, partying and little else. It's not like she's even sleeping around anymore - she's too strung out to think about sex. Besides, those drugs aren't going to pay for themselves, are they?

Looks like Lindsay pulled another entitlement heist. She walked into Arielle de Pinto's Paris showroom and pointed out some jewelry that she wanted to "borrow" for a photo shoot. Word has gotten out about her penchant for the five-finger discount, though, and the salesclerks made her give up her AmEx black card to run. She tried to scam freebies from some other houses, but was charged retail - which I'm sure she expensed through Ungaro. Once she had what she wanted, she skipped town. And when the salesclerk tried to run her card, it came back as canceled. Of course!

Even though Lindsay denied the whole thing, she still ended up paying for what she took, so hopefully nobody lost their job over it, but still. Like Kaiser says, this shit is getting old.