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Jlo's 6 Million Dollar Babies Look Like Chubby Little Skeletors! 21.Mar.2008

JLo and babiesI don't see much likeness to Jennifer in their faces, but ooh, boy, do I see their daddy! They almost don't look real, but People wouldn't pay six million bucks for fake babies ... would they?

Meet little Max and Emme, JLo's oh-so-long awaited bundles of joy. People gave them a twelve-page spread in this week's issue. We get to go inside their ridiculously opulent nursery and hear from their incredibly fresh-faced mother about the joys of motherhood. Sure she looks good. She's probably got a dozen nannies working round the clock to make sure Madam isn't disturbed in any way.

Now that she's a mother, will Jennifer give up what's left of her career? We're all pretty much in agreement that she can't act to save her life, and her last album went nowhere fast. Marc's career is going strong, though, so it's not like they're going to starve any time soon - even if Daddy looks like he hasn't had a good meal since 1992.