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Bored And Lonely Aniston Takes The Lohan Road, Gets Guest Spot On 30 Rock 30.Aug.2008

Could always go back to modelingShe obviously had her sights set a bit higher - she was spotted having lunch with Woody Allen and his wife all spiffied up in a suit - but the whole movie thing just isn't panning out for the one-hit wonder. (There! I said it! Everything else she's done has TANKED!)

But even Aniston's perfectly toned body is no match for Scarlett Johansson's juicy rack, and the lunch/audition seemed to go nowhere. With no movies on the horizon Jen has finally smartened up and returned to the medium in which she excelled: television.

Jen is currently filming a guest spot on NBC's 30 Rock. According to E! Online, her chronically dishonest publicist, Stephen Huvane, has confirmed to them exclusively that she is filming now, but that's all he'll confirm. Will Jen shine on the small screen once again ... or will she once again prove that sometimes lightning really does only strike once?