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Britney Spears, Sugar Tits: Costa Rica With Mel Gibson, Sex Tape With Adnan? 17.May.2008

Britney and her tormentorsFirst of all, let's get one thing straight. There's nothing going on between Britney and Mel. They're former neighbors, and the Gibsons have been trying to help Britney through her recent troubles. They were kind enough to take the bloated but allegedly not pregnant pop star to their home in Costa Rica for a little R & R. It's an act of kindness and nothing more.

But something infinitely more sinister is brewing in the wings, as rumors of an alleged sex tape made by Britney and her paparazzi f**ktoy Adnan Ghalib continue to float around. The tape, allegedly made while they took their little trip to Mexico for cheap meds/an attempted quickie wedding (which couldn't happen because Assnan is still married), is said to contain footage of Britney stripping down to nothing but the infamous pink wig and then of some standard nookie fare. There was no mention of the Boots of Mental Illness.

Adnan, who is said to have reconciled with his wife, is supposedly holding on to the tape until the time is right, i.e., Britney finally makes her comeback or he runs out of money, whichever comes first. I'm so glad her father is looking out for her now. Between K-Fed, Osama Lufti and this guy, she's been through enough.