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Who Do You Love: Scruffy Shiloh Or Suri And Her Kitten Heels? 04.Oct.2009

Shiloh vs. SuriThey're both beautiful little girls. They both have their parents' charisma. Even as toddlers, these girls have serious star power.

Shiloh looks most like her dad, Brad, although she does have her mom's bumblebee lips. Talk about best of both worlds! Suri, on the other hand, is a carbon copy of her mom, Katie, with no sign of the little emperor (other than her current height - she should be taller than him in about six months) in her features.

Who will grow up to walk in her mother's shoes? Shiloh has already made her film debut in Brad's Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Suri has no film credits yet, but she doesn't seem too impressed with filmmaking - it seems to take away from Build-A-Bearing and spending millions on custom-made clothes. Who knows, though? We could be looking at the next Bette Davis-Joan Crawford or Crystal and Alexis Carrington. They'd make great co-stars with their color contrast.