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What Is Jonathan Rhys Meyers Snorting To Make His Eyes Like That? When Will He Stop? 15.Nov.2007

Almost as scary as Nancy GraceTo be fair, we at PrettyBoring don't like to make random accusations of illicit drug use without some pretty solid background. Yes, we do like to poke and prod, but it's all in the name of good, clean fun. Having said all that, What the hell is this guy on?

If he's not doing drugs, somebody better tell him to stop slamming his pee-pee in the car door. Even the squirrels are throwing themselves under the bus to make it stop. Too. Damn. Creepy. He was probably always a creepy dude, though. He was probably that kid who turned his eyelids inside out and tore the wings off flies. He'd probably make a good Renfield if they ever re-do Dracula. He's probably quite comfortable in a straitjacket.