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Did Stavros Break Paris Hilton's Heart? 15.May.2007

Toss this Greek's salad Since dumping Mary Kate (or was it Ashley? ) Olsen for Paris Hilton, Stavros Niarchos has left no ho unchurned. From Olsen to Hilton to Lohan to Hilton and back again, with scores of no-names in between, Stavros has dipped his wick with style and panache, emerging unwed and herpes-free.

Insiders say that it was Stavros who finally captured Paris Hilton's heart ... and smashed it beneath his scruffy chic heel. Since their last bust-up a couple of months ago, Paris was still telling anyone who could keep a straight face that Stav was the one. They loved, they fought, they belittled the hired help together - they were the perfect team.

Unfortunately for Paris, the Niarchos clan is every bit as conservative as they are filthy rich, and when they found out what kind of girl their little heir was cleaving to and fro, they threatened to disown him. Poor little trust fund kid!

Stavros did his best to plead their case, but Mama Niarchos held her ground, convinced that Paris' wonky eye was really the evil eye. Stavros tried to stall for time, but eventually Paris woke up and smelled the kinkajou. Realizing that she was only there for aerobic value, she broke things off, but just hasn't been the same since.

Ahh, buck up, buttercup! You've got better days coming!Sad Paris