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Sharon Osborne Is Afraid Of Nicole Kidman's Giant Forehead 11.Oct.2008

Does it include surround sound? Well, not actually afraid, but she's obviously never seen anything like it. It is rather large.

In a recent late-night appearance on Chelsea Lately, Sharon Osborne went off on celebrities who have obviously had plastic surgery but deny all. Sharon herself has undergone numerous procedures but is not afraid to admit it, and she looks great. She has little mercy for those who aren't so frank.

Sharon said such fibbers are bitches and she hates them. Fair enough. She saved her strongest words for Nicole Kidman, aka Granny Freeze, who used to be a fair actress until she immobilized her face with massive amounts of Botox. Says Sharon, Nicole Kidman? s forehead looks like a f***ing flatscreen TV! How big is that forehead? ?

How big indeed. No wonder Ozzy loves her the way he does. She's amazing.