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Marcia Brady Was A Coke Whore, Diddled Her Little Sister 14.Oct.2008

Why didn't they ask me? I can diddle, too!Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Actually, it's Maureen McCormack these days, but "Maureen, Maureen, Maureen" just doesn't sound the same. The Brady Bunch was the family show of the 70s, and Marcia was the squeaky clean oldest daughter.

Now, thirty years later, Maureen/Marcia feels compelled to air all her dirty laundry - and pulls no punches. In Here's The Story Maureen tells her tawdry tale of child stardom, complete with on-set romances - she dated big brother Greg and even got sapphic with little sister Jan.

After the show was canceled, Maureen plunged into the Hollywood drug scene, bingeing for days and even trading sex for coke. It took years of therapy and several stints in rehab but she's now clean and happily married with children. Maureen claims her book is a "cautionary tale". Could be. Could also be that her kids will need a college fund someday.