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Tony Romo And Pete Wendt Both Fall Victim To The Simpson Curse 18.Dec.2007

JinxI say blame it all on Papa Joe. He's been trying to play out of his league for years now, and it's his daughters' careers that have suffered. He even tried to re-use Jessica's GQ cover pose for Major Movie Star posters because his production company is too broke to do a real shoot.

Jessica seems to have inherited Papa's bad karma. Since she left Nick Lachey on his advice ("You can do better, baby!"), Jessica has been plagued with losers in both her personal and professional lives. Just when she finally got another boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, she had to show up at his game wearing his jersey (in pink). He proceeded to play the worst game of his career.

Double jinxAshlee isn't faring much better. Her lover Pete Wendt's Fall Out Boy was shut out of the Grammies, and fans are saying it's because of Ashlee's lip-synching debacle on Saturday Night Live, not because they are formulaic and lack any kind of originality. Sure, blame Ashlee. Half the time she's too trashed to care anyway.