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Britney's Mom To Publish Autobiography, What's Left For Britney To Do To Embarass Her Before Its Released? 25.Oct.2007

Brit & Lynne: Happier days, pre-fake hair and Kfed.

Believe it or not, Britney Spears' mom, Lynne is in talks to publish her autobiography!

The book will revolve around how Lynne raised her little Southern belles, Britney and Jamie Lynn into little cash cows! The book is said to be published by Christian publishers, Thomas Nelson, by this spring.

Hmm, how does one's daughter having quite possibly one of the most publicized marriages, divorces, births, and public breakdowns give way to a book deal?

Think Lynne will sell out and write about the feud between her and Britney? Think she'll own up to her daughter's breakdown as the pressures of success slowly destroy her? Or will it be all peaches and cream about Britney on the Mickey Mouse club? Or her short-lived but fan favorite relationship with Justin Timberlake? What does she really think of K Fed?

Great timing though Lynne.

By the time her autobiography is released, all ex-*NSYNC & Britney fans will have already forgotten about Lance Bass' tell-all, "Out of Sync"!