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Happy Father's Day To All Those Hot Dilf's Out There. Here's The Real Father Of The Year 15.Jun.2008

Good to the last dropThat's right. Brad is the hottest dad in all the land. Just look at him - 0 to 6 kids in just a few years. And he's a hands-on dad, unlike some others, who can sure make them but have little direct interaction on a day-to-day basis. And collect $20,000 or more from their ex to pay for nannies and the like while continuing to live the high life.

Any day now Brad and his hot babymama are expecting their wonder twins. Will they be as beautiful as Shiloh? I'm sure. Will their parents get upwards of $15 million for their photos? Again, that's a given. But unlike all the other celebrity parents who pimp out their baby pictures, Brad and Angie will donate all that money to charity.

So, a very happy Father's Day to you, Brad Pitt, and all the other divinely devoted dads out there. May you only improve with age, and may the sun always shine on your happy family.