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Prelude To A Sex Tape: Demi Lovato Wants To Show You Her Boobies. Hey, It Worked For Miley 19.Dec.2010

LovatoNot the sex tape. Miley likes to show off her boobies, but as far as any of us know, she hasn't made a sex tape yet. And really, who would want to watch that? It'd be like a cracked-out squirrel getting skewered. But I digress. This isn't about Miley or her need to expose her boobies for attention. This is about Demi and her newly released sexy pictures, and if it means what we think it means.

There's been a blind item floating around for a while now, about the underage starlet who likes to party like a rock star and freak like a pro. There was a lot of conjecture, but the odds kept swinging back to the still-untarnished Lovato, whose camp promptly and vigorously denied all. And then there were the interviews where she claimed she'd never become a Lindsay Lohan, letting fame get to her head and making wrong choices. How level-headed she seemed, a paragon of virtue.

And then the real world kicked the door in. She wigged out while on tour with the Jonas Brothers, slugged a backup dancer because she had the nerve to rat her out for partying and ended up in treatment for physical and emotional issues. A bunch of fame-seekers, most of them anonymous, began to come forward to tell their tales of Demi's debauchery. Just when things started to die down a little, some little shit dropped these on the web. Yeah, they're racy, especially onsidering she was probably underage at the time, but I don't think she's any different than a lot of girls her age. Hopefully there is no sex tape, and people can leave Demi alone to concentrate on getting well again.