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Heather Mills Won't Have A Leg To Stand On If She Keeps Spending Like This 25.Oct.2008

Just the way she likes itMaybe she'll get back into soft porn. Surely there has to be some peg leg fetishists out there.

If she doesn't slow her roll she's going to be out of money soon. Heather Mills has already blown threw one-third of her multi-million-dollar divorce settlement from Paul McCartney. She's bought houses. She's bought fine art. She's donated a million dollars in healthy food to the homeless. She travels only in first class. She even has a younger lover with a broken leg. He'll probably move on either when his leg is healed or she runs out of money, whichever happens first.

And she will run out of money. Despite the fact that Heather was already a wealthy woman when she married Paul, she burns through cash like Curtis Sharpe. She's already asked Paul to buy her another another English estate for her, which he just might do, because baby Beatrice loves it there. But Heather needs to be realistic. Now that Paul has moved on to Nancy, he's not likely to throw her a lifeline if she gets into debt. Will she write a tell-all? There's probably a confidentiality clause in their divorce, and besides, the story has already played itself out in the tabloids. Hey, maybe they'll hire her.