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Ping Pong Schming Pong: Is Scarlett Johansson Stepping Out On Her Husband Already? With Axl Rose?!? 26.Feb.2010

Ping pong my ASS!Yeah, yeah, I know. They could just be friends, or maybe she's thinking of doing a cover album of Guns 'N' Roses songs. If so, she should just stop. Even Axl can't sing those songs anymore.

ScarJo's hubby, the adorable but insufferably dickish Ryan Reynolds is off filming Green Lantern in New Orleans. Why she didn't join him is a mystery - she isn't working right now - but maybe she just needed a break from his bitchin' and moanin'. Instead of keeping the home fires burning, though, Scarlett has been hitting the town with one Axl Rose, bad boy rocker extraordinaire. Axl was a hot piece back in the day, but now he's just a rash with a bad attitude. And maybe that's what appeals to Scarlett - she's trading out one pissy bitch for another.

Of course this could all be completely innocent, as I said before, but if I were Ryan Reynolds I'd be more than a little worried. Axl is not exactly a pillar of virtue, and I've always thought Scarlett was a lot wilder than her cool and aloof public image. Like Jessica Simpson, she's got boobs, and she's not afraid to use them.