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Sony Playstation 4 Game System 01.Feb.2013

Sony has launched a new website with the tag "See the Future." Sony will hold an event on February 20 for their video gaming brand. The official PlayStation Meeting website will stream the announcement.

Fans expect Sony to unveil its often-rumored PlayStation 4 game system.

Sony previously hinted that it would announce its next game system before the yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo gaming event that takes place every June in Los Angeles, California.

The previous PlayStation Meeting in 2011 brought forth the announcement of the PlayStation Vita , the follow-up to the company's PlayStation Portable handheld system.

Several games are already rumored to be in the works, including Konami's "The Phantom Pain" (the rumored follow-up to "Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons of Liberty") and Electronic Arts' "Battlefield 4." No word yet on any official announcements.

It's not clear what's in store for Orbis, also known as PS4, but the latest early console build includes 8GB RAM, 2.2GB video memory, a 4 x dual-core AMD64 "Bulldozer" processor, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x Ethernet, Blu-ray drive, 160GB storage, and HDMI out, according to Kotaku.

Even if Sony introduces the next PlayStation on February 20, it's not clear when the new console would hit store shelves. Both Microsoft and Sony are expected to announce their initial game lineups and features for the new consoles during E3 in June. And most video game watchers expect the two new consoles to debut towards the end of the year in time for the holiday season.