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Rick Ross Unharmed In 'staged' Drive-by Shooting? 29.Jan.2013

Rapper 50 Cent has slammed Rick Ross. 50 accuses Ross of staging a drive-by shooting, MTV UK reports

Rick Ross was the target of a drive-by shooting in Florida on Monday. Rozay was criticized for adopting the name of former real life drug figure Rick Ross and for his past occupation as a corrections officer.

Ross crashed his silver Rolls Royce into an apartment building after he heard gunfire along a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, street Monday morning, police said.

"The driver of the Rolls Royce attempted to drive away from the direction of the shots being fired and lost control of the vehicle, striking a nearby apartment building," Fort Lauderdale Police Detective DeAnna Garcia said.

Ross and a female passenger were not hurt by the wreck or the gunshots, Garcia said.
"The suspects fled from the area prior to police arrival," she said.

Fiddy has questioned whether Ross' situation was the real deal, writing on Twitter: "Hahaha fat boy hit the building? Lol it looks staged to me. No hole's in da car."

He then posted Rick's car on Instagram to prove his point, later adding: "Hahaha that boy was spooked. I ride like OBAMA level 6 bulit proof bomb proof, you already know. [sic]"

"I think this is a sad day for hip-hop because a lot of times we all partake in the entertainment of it, without realizing that hip-hop was always built on the foundation of realness and keeping it real," Kim Osorio, editor in chief of The Source magazine told MTV News.

"There were a lot of people who had a problem with what Rick Ross was doing. Now we're in a situation where the entertainment has become a reality. People are actually trying to hurt him and I think that's sad for us," she said.

"I think the next step for Ross to take is security. Lots and lots of security," he said. "There is no shame in having security depending on your level of celebrity. Certain artists just can't do things that regular people can do."