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Nicollette Sheridan's Boyfriend Convicted Of Receiving Stolen Horses 09.Jun.2009

It seems that Nicollette's new boyfriend plead no contest to buying stolen horses back in 2000. Four horses were stolen from a ranch in California and her boyfriend Steven Pate bought the horses knowing they were stolen.

When a reward was offered by the rightful owners of the horses, Steven came forward and said he had information about the horses but wanted the $10,000 reward. Instead he got arrested and charged with five felonies including Grand Theft Animal.

Steven plead no contest and was sentenced to jail. After completing his jail term and probation, the felonies were reduced to misdemeanors. Nicollette of course has to spin this the best way she can. I'm surprised she didn't dump the guy, but maybe she is waiting until they buy a house together or something and then try and keep it. Anyway, her spokesperson said, ?Steven didn't know the horses were stolen when he received them, and was the person who brought the information to attention of the authorities.?