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Naomi Watts Blackbook - May 2010 14.May.2010

Naomi Watts takes charge on the May 2010 cover of BlackBook?s Sex Issue. Here are some choice quotes the 41-year-old Aussie actress told editor Nick Haramis:

On motherhood: ?“Every single day, I second-guess myself as a mother. I chose to be a mom. It’?s something I’?ve always wanted, but I feel torn between two worlds. I am not reaching the same depths and heights that I used to reach in movies because I’?m a parent of two small children who desperately need me. It?’s frustrating because I feel like I?’m failing a bit on both ends… [but] I would love to have an endless brood of children. I grew up in chaos. I feel comfortable in chaos. Whether or not I?’ll ever adopt remains to be seen, but I totally believe in adoption.”?

On being noticed with her partner, Liev Schreiber: “?I?’ve literally had people come up to me and say, ?‘You look just like that actress Naomi Watts.?’ And when I?’m with Liev, who is so unmistakably him, girls will push past me shrieking, ?‘Is that the guy from Scream?’”??

Dream House costar Rachel Weisz on Naomi: ?“Luminous is an overused word with actresses, but Naomi really does radiate light. She is incredibly sensitive to the slightest shift in mood or tone in another person and is able to portray the most delicate of moments, without words, as they flit across her face.”?

On starring in a commercial in which she plays an office worker who wins a date with Tom Cruise: “?Who knew my friend [Nicole Kidman] would end up married to him? We’?ve all since joked about it. Everyone thought it was funny and silly. But, hey, I got paid something like $10,000 for that one, which allowed me to get over the humiliation pretty quickly.”?

On her first full-frontal nude scene: ?“I?’ve never done full-frontal nudity before. It was so hard for me to do that. I had just had a baby, so my body was completely different. But I thought that if I was going to play this ballsy woman, I needed to go for it. [But] someone in the crew tipped off the paparazzi! Isn’?t that awful?”?