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Matthew Mcconaughey Rescued By An 82-year-old Mexican Woman 24.Dec.2008

Matthew McConaughey was rescued by an 82-year-old Mexican woman after his truck broke down.

The Fool?s Gold star was travelling with close friend Gus on the 14-day road trip to Baja California when the pair?s vehicle ground to a halt.

Matthew ? who has a five-month-old son Levi with girlfriend Camila Alves ? said: ?We broke down in the middle of the desert while on that trip, in a place where we hadn't seen nor heard another human for three days. I had to jog down a dirt road for a couple of hours in hope of finding a trace of anyone.

?Well, I finally did, and her name was Matty, an 82-year-old Mexican woman who loaned me her 1981 Isuzu truck with 263,000 miles on it. That truck got us to a place where we could get the gear to fix my truck and get back on the road.?

Matthew also revealed he nearly died on his 39th birthday in November when he encountered an angry ram during a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona with Camila and Levi.

He added in his blog: ?I spent my 39th birthday on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon - almost got ?butted? off the edge by a ram and caught some shooting stars.?