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Kate Bosworth Blackbook Magazine September 2011 01.Sep.2011

Kate Bosworth talks about her ex Alexander Skarsg?rd for the cover of BlackBook magazine's Sept. 15 anniversary issue.

On co-starring alongside ex-beau Alexander Skarsgard:
"[He] is so kind and so dedicated and so incredibly professional. He's got this rare, wonderful control and stillness that you notice in a lot of old movie stars. He looks you in the eye. I feel incredibly lucky to have had that type of man on this movie."

On her take on fashion:
"I've always seen fashion as embracing the individual, although yes, I understand that there are parts of the industry that aren't so welcoming. But look at the Proenza Schouler boys. They're so kind and they make such brilliant designs. The Rodarte sisters, too. It may be idealistic, but I like to think that goodness rises to the top."

On being dubbed as the 'girl next door':
"I feel like I'm always battling people's perceptions of me, but it's a losing battle. I pick projects because they're interesting, not to prove anyone wrong."

Rob Lurie's new thriller Straw Dogs hits theaters on Sept. 16.