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Eva Longoria Threatens To End Her Friendship With George Lopez 25.Jan.2013

Eva Longoria threatened to end her friendship with George Lopez after he took a swipe at his ex-wife

"Fiery Eva Longoria blasted George Lopez and threatened to end their friendship after he took a nasty swipe at his ex-wife," claims the National Enquirer.

"All hell broke loose when George called Ann 'stupid' for dating notorious ladies' man, actor Michael Nouri," the source tells the Enquirer.

According to the tabloid, Longoria "blew a gasket" at Lopez's comment.

"She was holding a glass of water and got so hot she said she nearly hurled it at George," contends the Enquirer source. "Eva told him that he had one hell of a nerve criticizing Ann after everything she'd done for him.

"She demanded that George apologize and even threatened to get him thrown off the committee if she ever heard of him criticizing his ex again."

The Enquirer source explains that George "said he was sorry and sheepishly passed it off as a bad joke," and Longoria ultimately "forgave him."