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Essentials For The Winter Walk - Old Navy Techno Hoodie 20.Dec.2010

Old Navy Techno Hoodies (with Built-in Headphones)

While Kim Kardashian is hitting the gym during the holidays and deciding on new bikini colors for the Bikini sweepstakes in January, some of us will be making the trek back to class and work. Here are essentials from Old Navy to help make the trek stylish and entertaining!

Stay Warm

Old Navy Techno Hoodies
The Old Navy Techno hoodie is a zip-up sweatshirt with machine washable ear buds (the earbuds are threaded through the drawstrings and the jack emerges from the right front pocket), attached to the hood so you can just plug in your music wherever you go.

Text with Ease In the Cold

Old Navy Fingerless Gloves

Your fingers are free to text away on your touchscreen phone.

And should you be planning a trip to someplace warm these ideas could make the trip to and from the airport just as fun.

Available At Old Navy
The Old Navy Techno hoodie is priced at just $15 until Dec 24. 2010. Reg $29.50