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Lil Twist Threatens Justin Bieber Fan? 05.Feb.2013

A Justin Bieber fan was threatened by rapper Lil Twist after taking a photograph of Bieber.

According to Radar, one of Bieber's bodyguards who took the blame.

"Justin asked people not to take photos without asking and said he would pose with anyone who wanted a pic," an observer told Radar.

But one person ignored Justin's request and snapped a photo of the star - and that's when the trouble began.

Despite reports that Justin's security threatened the person who took the pic, Radar has learned that it was Lil Twist who went after the man.

"He tried defending Justin and got in the guy's face and tried to take his phone," the observer said. "The guy tried to get away and Twist went after him. Witnesses were appalled at what was happening.

"Twist created a scene," said the observer.