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Kristen Stewart Seeing Rupert Sanders While Robert Pattinson's Away? 07.Feb.2013

Kristen Stewart is reportedly facing temptation with Rupert Sanders, while boyfriend Robert Pattinson is working, In Touch claims.

In Touch speculates Sanders divorce has "immediately stirred up those old feelings of distrust" Pattinson has about Stewart, because she and Sanders both happen to be in Los Angeles right now.

"Rob's friends are warning him that she cheated once, so what's stopping her from doing it again?" a "friend" tells In Touch.

Stewart and Pattinson's relationship is "still on shaky ground."

"Kristen is lonely and vulnerable right now," explains a source for the tab, while a different In Touch insider explains, "It wouldn't surprise me at all if Kristen and Rupert got back in touch, and it would be Rupert who reached out. He was infatuated with her."

"With so many people watching her every move, if she hooks up with Rupert, [Pattinson will] find out about it. They'll be done for good