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Kim Kardashian Needs Divorce Now For Her Baby's Sake? 07.Feb.2013

Kim Kardashian is asking a judge to declare her marriage to Kris Humphries over, immediately, reports PEOPLE

"I firmly believe that an immediate dissolution of our marriage will help create a new, full life for me," she writes in court papers filed last month. "One chapter will be officially over, and a new one can begin. The same should hold true for (Humphries)."

"I am currently pregnant by a man with whom I began a relationship well after I separated from (Humphries)."

"I do not want to be married to (Humphries) when I have my baby," and adds, "I am requesting the status of my marriage be determined for now for not only my health and welfare but also for the health and well-being of my unborn child."

"I should not be constrained in my financial and social endeavors by the fact that (Humphries) and I have a marriage which now exists in name only," she says. "I do not want the status of my marriage to affect any investment I wish to make, such as the purchase of a new residence."