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Rose Mcgowan, Denied Her Dreams Of Barbarella, Wipes Her Feet On Rodriguez's Heart And Moves On 05.Jul.2008

Rotten to the core, dirty little ...Robert Rodriguez must be feeling pretty low right about now. The nasty little slut who busted up his marriage, Rose McGowan, has finally showed her true colors and left him with his dick in his hand.

Rose, as you may remember, was the star of Robert's disappointing Grindhouse, his compilation work with the incomparable Quentin Tarantino. The movie went absolutely nowhere, but not before Rose destroyed Robert's marriage of 15 years and tore him from his five kids. Merciless bitch that she is, she carried on so with the director that production had to be halted for a month when Robert's wife came to the set and confronted her wayward husband and his trailer-rocking strumpet.

Since Grindhouse, Rodriguez has been working on a number of projects, most notably a remake of Barbarella with his whore in the lead. However, he was unable to obtain financing because no one wanted to gamble on the subpar actress again in a leading role. Backers are said to favor Jessica Alba for the role. When Robert finally broke the news to her, Rose blew a tit and stomped off, driving the final nail into her lover's heart. Guess the marriage is off, huh? Word to Rodriguez: Alba won't cut it, either. Forget Barbarella and go spend some time with your kids, if they even still speak to you.