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Tony Romo Has One Last Dance With Jessica, Simpsons Land $1.4 Mil And Trip To Cabo 25.May.2008

I'll find one, Daisy. I'll find one.It's true. Jess has lost her "future husband" Tony Romo for any number of reasons, from Papa Joe's meddling to her penchant for gasping to her alleged flings with ... Jared Leto and Zach Braff. Yeesh. I didn't know she did charity work.

Tony just wasn't cut out to be a celebrity husband. He does seem to be a nice guy who cared for Jess and actually feels sorry for her, so he agreed to honor his commitment to take her to Ashlee and Pete's wedding even after the break-up. Yes, surely it was sympathy that motivated Tony and not the $1.4 million that People was set to pay for the pictures ... but only if Tony and Jessica were in them. How much of that fee made its way from Papa Joe to Tony?

Let's be honest. It wasn't really Pete and Ashlee's wedding, it was Papa Joe's wedding. If he didn't officiate (and he almost didn't) he would have insisted on being the official photographer. Then again, maybe he did - the wedding photo that was on People's cover was nothing special. After the wedding Jess and her parents (but not Tony) went to Cabo for a few days. She left Daisy at a kennel this time; Daisy's still pissed about the binge-drinking. Jess doesn't know how to tell her that this one's gone for good, too.