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Are Madge And Guy In Trouble? No, Just Leading Separate Lives 26.May.2008

Is this a snit or a tizzy? Which, sadly, has become a very common occurrence these days in middle-aged marriage. There are children involved, the assets are firmly and deeply enmeshed, so they don't divorce ... they just go about their own ways.

Madge and Guy have long been rumored to have a volatile relationship. They're both brilliant dynamic artists and must butt heads fairly frequently. Madonna's first marriage, to Sean Penn, only lasted about four years because of crazy fighting; now that she's older and wiser, she's learned it's easier to not upset the apple cart. Guy is free to embark on his many pub nights, while Madge is free to spend 8 to 10 hours a day in the gym and studio honing her body and craft. It's become a marriage of convenience for both.

Some sources say Madonna is gearing up for a trial separation and has bought a new pad in Manhattan. She's always had multiple properties both here and abroad, so that's nothing new. I hope they stay together, though. They're one of my favorite couples.