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Pamela Anderson, What The Hell Are You Wearing Now? When Will You Give Your Liver A Break? 26.Mar.2008

Is she filming a Shower to Shower commercial? As banged up as Pambo has been looking lately, can you imagine how bad it would be if her liver was on the outside of her body? Just hanging there like a raisin skin, flapping in the breeze. Ewww.

Well, it's official. Pam and Scum are no more. What's more, legally they never were, as they managed to obtain an annulment instead of a divorce. Both parties claimed fraud as grounds, but in reality the fraud was extremely one-sided, and the guilty party may not be who you think.

Friends for years, Pam and Scum got it on to repay a "gambling debt" (coke tab? ) then fell in love and decided to marry. I don't think Pam ever loved Rick; the only man she's ever truly been in love with is Tommy Lee. Rick agreed to the marriage because he allegedly wanted Pam to bear his child(ren), but her hard partying on New Year's Eve put an end to even that. A furious Rick walked out, and Pam's peeps announced the pregnancy was no more days later. Now that she has her annulment, Pam can go on with her life; hopefully that includes laying off the fairy dust as well. That can't be doing her Hepatitis C any good.