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This Is Why Paris Hilton Tried To Seduce John Mayer. She Left Empty-handed But In Her Own Limo 13.Feb.2008

What Paris sawGuess it was a good thing Paris' little brother wasn't driving that night. Something tells me Barron might have stood a better chance than his gangly sister with Mayer - we've seen him in action. Repeatedly.

Maybe Paris has seen the reports, too, and gay sex turns her on. Actually everything does, but that's another story. Either way, Wonky set her good eye on John Mayer recently while out clubbing, but in what's been happening more and more often, her one-eyed cock magnet trick turned up empty. The Wonk stood alone. She better get used to it.

Although she's trying hard not to let it show, Paris looks like she's getting nervous about settling down. She's a ripe old 27 now, and that left eyelid has taken on an almost middle-aged droop (sag). She's got bigger problems than advancing age, though - there seriously might not be any possible suitors left in the world who haven't either had some of that or saw the crappy video. It would seem none have remained interested for more than a week or so. Maybe Paris should learn how to knit.