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Score One For Blanket! Michael Jackson's Son Bashes His Face In 28.Dec.2007

Blanket's notorious debut in BerlinCall it belated revenge for hanging him off the balcony all those years ago. Or maybe he's sick of going out in ridiculous disguises, and just wants to be a normal kid. Whatever the reason, Blanket's had it with his father's bizarre-o lifestyle, and he's not going to take it anymore.

Last week Michael Jackson was spotted plastered together with Band-Aids in a bookstore, leading to speculation that his excessive surgeries have finally destroyed what's left of his original face. While the numerous procedures have taken their toll, what really happened is even stranger.

Michael Jackson allegedly suffered a lip-"collapsing" injury at the hands of his youngest son, Blanket, while "playing around". I hope everyone's hands were above the covers this time. I wonder if there was any Jesus juice involved.

The "love tap" sent Jackson racing to his surgeon for a bit of touch-up and spackle; he'll be good to go as soon as it dries. There's no word on whether Blanket faced any repercussions for his violent outburst. Perhaps his father should learn to stay out of striking range.