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Katherine Heigl Has Quite A Career 29.Oct.2007

Katherine Heigl on the set of 27 DressesI first remember Katherine Heigl as a gorgeous 14-year-old in "My Father the Hero" in which her looks were definitely outshining her acting skills, but hey she was just a kid. She bounced around for a few years in lousy roles and even dated Joey Lawrence. Then in the height of the WB11 teen show phenomenom she got a supporting role Roswell. Again I wasn't wowed by her acting and was more amazed by how different she looked. When Grey's first started I thought it would be cancelled because what did the world need with another doctor show and then it became a law to watch it if you had a uterus. But there were so many good actresses on it and her whole thing about being a girl who had to strip her way through medical school seemed even more far-fetched then us believing that Ellen Pompeo didn't have an eating disorder. But then after Denny's death she really put every inch of her soul in to that part and people noticed. Then this summer she made the smart move of being in the biggest comedy of the summer (Knocked-Up) even if she had to play the straight man part. And then she won the friggin' Emmy plus she is marrying the hottest guy. And with the success of Knocked-Up she proved she had box-office clout and so now she is starring in a romantic comedy complete with James Marsden and all called "27 Dresses" in which she plays an eternal bridesmaid. It looks incredible predictable and unorginal but oh so cute. Plus bridesmaid dresses are funny.