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Pete Doherty Is Going To Party His Ass Off For The Next Four Weeks In Hopes They'll Finally Lock Him Up 07.Aug.2007

Perpetual crackhead Pete Doperty was back in court again today, but once again, walked out with no jail time. Maybe Lindsay needs to move to London. They would've given her the key to the city already.

It's all Kate's faultOnce again, Pete cops a walk. He's been arrested like 4,000 times for possession of more drugs than Duane Reade. He shoots up on camera. He cracks out during interviews, getting miffed when the journalist won't join him (party pooper!). He's begging for incarceration, and they won't give it to him.

Today the judge said he wants to give Pete another four weeks of observation before he decides on his ultimate sentence. This, despite Pete having a dirty drug screen just days earlier. Are they hoping that he just OD's somewhere? Or is this a matter of Pete's days as a rent boy coming back to save him? It sure seems like he must know people in high places. He's not even famous enough for celebrity treatment, and he's not with Kate anymore. I'm surprised he's lasted this long, even if he does look 100 years old.