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Spotlight On Kristen Stewart: She Stars In The Teen Vampire Movie Of The Year. 10.Jun.2008

KristenKristin Stewart, whom I think is in the running to be the next Jodi Foster (because Lord knows Lindsay is out of that race), has come a long way since she starred with Foster in "Panic Room" in 2002. She was rather androgynous looking at the time and I didn't she would go very far. Then a few years later she popped in "Zathura" followed by some great supporting role performances in the very depressing films "In the Land of Women," and "Into the Wild." This summer she will be the human paramour to a hot young teenage vampire. It's like she is Winona Ryder in "Dracula" except instead of Gary Oldman it is a hot, young, chiseled Robert Pattinson. The trailer isn't that exceptional but the film is getting quite a bit of buzz and you can tell she considers herself to be a serious actress so her choice wouldn't be too dumb. Kristin has some other exciting films coming ip including the comedy "Adventureland" with Ryan Reynolds,