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Grounded Again: Is Ashton Cheating On Demi? She's Gonna Take Away His Twitter Privileges 15.Sep.2010

Take away all that plastic surgery and what do you see? Hmm. This is the second cheating allegation leveled against Ashton by Star magazine. Granted their record for accurate, truthful reporting is not the greatest, but as the fabulous Kaiser of Celebitchy notes, Star isn't backing down. Not only did they refuse to retract the first story, of Ashton making out with and grinding on some unknown young blond at Madeo, but this week they've got another story, this from some chick in LA who claims to have been Kushtered on the couch in their marital home while Mama was out of town.

It's interesting to note that Ashton and Demi are being awfully quiet this time. There's no talk of lawsuits or freedom of speech vs. fiction. They're not even Twittering! You know what that means. Somebody's in the doghouse and got all his privileges taken away. Instead of going to another Jay-Z concert and watching his woman act the fool trying to be all young and sexy when she's almost old enough to be his mother, Ashton will be cleaning the garage while Mama gets her Botox boosters. She really needs to lay off all that shit - I think it's seeping into her brain.

Is Ashton cheating on Demi? I dunno. I think he'd be afraid to - you know she could beat him DOWN without much fight - and I always thought he looked at Rumer a little too fondly, if you know what I mean, but who knows? It'll go one of two ways: Either the whole thing will just fizzle out and Star will be called out for their hootenanny again, or Ashton will wake up one morning soon with a dozen or so former flings queuing up for the tabloids ... and Demi standing over him with a nine iron. We'll just see who's Punk'd then, won't we?