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Doesn't She Look Ashamed? Beyonce Plays Glam Biker Whore For House Of Dereon 13.Aug.2010

I've never been terribly fond of or even remotely impressed by House of Dereon, the "couture" label created by Beyonce's mother, Tina Knowles. Poor Tina has been through a lot this year: She filed for divorce because her husband knocked up some other broad he was shtuppin' on the side. She looked pissed enough to stab somebody in the eyeball before all that happened; I can't imagine the homicidal rage that's shining in her eyes now.

It looks like she's taking it out on her fashion line. Previews of the new collection were released today, and as usual, Beyonce looks absolutely miserable, with the puss of a girl who's only doing something because her mother made her. Let's get real here. Whether you like her music or not, you have to admit that Beyonce is one of the best dressed women in entertainment. Do you think she'd be caught dead in this shit otherwise? Not frickin' likely.

Speaking of getting caught in shit, there's no word whether Beyonce has patched things up with her philandering dad or whether she's met her new little brother. Insiders said that Beyonce was devastated by her father's infidelity and was considering firing him, but like Papa Joe Simpson he's got a pretty strong hold on his little moneymaker. He's not about to give that up, homicidal ex or no. He probably got used to sleeping with one eye open years ago.