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Leap Year Looks Pretty Darn Cute!! Matthew Goode Is One Of The Hottest Men Alive!! 02.Dec.2009

Leap YearAmy and Matthew in Leap YearWhat do you know, Amy Adams is starring in a romantic comedy? The film is about a control-freak but incredibly charming woman (aren't they always? ) who is just waiting for her boyfriend to propose when he instead gives her a pair of earrings. So of course her only course of action is to follow him to Dublin where she has been told that on Leap Year day a woman is allowed to propose to a man because apparently little Amy isn't in on the secret that women are free to propose to men any day of the year in America. Anyway, of course her plane does an emergency landing in Wales (and apparently no other planes are ever leaving Wales ever) so she is forced to bum a ride off an incredibly handsome stranger played by the always hot Matthew Goode who is rocking the facial hair. Of course along the way hilarity ensues and Amy's character realizes her perfect should-be fiance isn't so perfect. But will she realize it before she is too late? So yes, the entire film is based on some rather unbelievable scenarios but Gosh darn't Amy Adams is charming. Plus her best friend is played by the amazing Kaitlin Olsen (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). The film comes out in January. Watch the trailer here.