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Greek Season 3 Returns In August!!! 03.Aug.2009

Casey and KappieBoy that show churns out season fast. I mean the season finale was only in like June and they are already in Season 3 but they are still seniors. However, it looks like the writers are going to make us suffer by not getting Kappie and Casey together initially but don't worry. It will happen. They are meant for eachother. Rusty will continue to date the cool hippie chick but his grades will suffer because you know women do that. Calvin hooks up with some other cute guy that we are upset is gay because he is so hot and I think we can pretty much count on Rebecca and Evan finally getting together because they are both tool bags. Ashley appears to just sit around and cry a lot while wearing too many accessories. And we can always count on Dale for a laugh or too. If you are looking for a show that will provide a much more realistic version of college life (um have you seen what they are going to be wearing to class on Gossip Girl) and where none of the characters have whored themselves out or been arrested (campus jail doesn't count) then this show may be for you. Read on to see the promo. Season 3 premieres on ABC on August 31st. Greek cast