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Lindsay Lohan Must Import Her Red Bull From Germany 26.May.2009

It's not just an energy drinkOr maybe she dropped her stash while touring the factory. Either way, this goes a long way toward explaining why she's always clutching a blue and silver can in her bony orange hands.

Apparently the Germans have discovered the secret ingredient that gives Red Bull its wings: coca extract. That's right, coca, the plant cocaine is made from. A German state conducted a random test that found traces of coca in the drink, and it's now banned in six states there.

Red Bull rubbed its nose, chewed on the inside of its mouth a few times and said that its mo nectar is "harmless and marketable in both the U.S. and Europe." They claim the coca extract is a flavor enhancer. You know, like Lindsay's Strawberry Quik trick.

It's highly unlikely this news will have an adverse affect on Red Bull sales; in fact, it might just increase its popularity with a certain crowd. It's also equally unlikely to cause non-tweaking consumers to stop drinking it. I for one love my Red Bull and wouldn't dream of starting my day without it. If it's OK with the US FDA, then it's OK with me.