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Rob Lowe Nanny Trial: Who Will End Up Paying? 08.Apr.2009

Nanny at largeLooks like this case won't be as cut and dried as the Lowes' attorney claimed it would be. Still, they've scored a decent first round victory, and the former nanny has an uphill battle, Allred or no.

The Allred in question here, Gloria Allred, is a hyper-aggressive celebrity lawyer out on the left coast. She represents super-high profile clients like Amber Frey, Paula Jones and Nicole Brown's family during the OJ trial. In other words, she's a shameless fame whore.

These days, when not pursuing the Octomom, she's representing the fired nanny who signed a nondisclosure agreement with the Lowes when she was hired, and then blabbed about their behind-scenes craziness. They sued her, she sued them, and the rest is on the docket. Today the court ruled against the Lowes' attorney's request to dismiss the case. If they prove the agreement was enforceable, the nanny might be liable to them for damages. She might have threatened to sue hoping for a quick payoff, but she may have bitten off more than she could chew. It's a tough old world.