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Elder Abuser Hilary Duff Likes To Bareback For Dkny Femme, Still Cannot Act 06.Feb.2009

Uncanny resemblanceWho is she kidding? Trash talking grand dame Faye Dunaway, who was an acting legend before she was even born. Duff has yet to do anything even moderately successful, other than Lizzie McGuire. And that, my friends, sucked.

She has, however, gotten some modeling and endorsement gigs. From the neck down she doesn't look half bad, even in this ridiculous get-up - a backless t-shirt. Apparently this ensemble is a part of a new line for DKNY called Femme. Hmm. Looks to be a big hit.

As far as looks go, Hilary shouldn't be so quick to knock Faye's. She told E! that "I might be mad if I looked like that now, too." Uh, hey, horseface. You two look so alike you could be mother and daughter. The difference is Faye is 68; you'll look like that in another ten years or so. Soon to be seen on clearance racks and in thrift stores: (the clothes, not the girl)