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Dirty Sanchez: Spitzer Madam Dishes On Luv Guv's Deviant Sexual Proclivities 07.Feb.2009

Ha. Just when Eliot thought he was out of the doghouse (his wife only recently began appearing in public with him again) the Manhattan Madam drops this load on his head. Hey, fair's fair. He dropped his load on her girls every week for two whole years.

Kristin Davis (not the SATC Kristin Davis), who I've always thought began life as a man, has released her e-book on her life as a whoremonger to the very wealthy this week, and is making the rounds to promote it. Just the fact that it's an e-book makes it suspect; if it was any good a real publisher would have snapped it up, regardless of Spitzer's influence. But what she says about the disgraced politician does have a ring of truth to it.

Kristin says that she eventually had to ban Eliot, who was using the name James, from her stable because he was getting "too rough and aggressive ... repeatedly pressuring them to do things they didn't want to do." Oh, and he'd try to ditch the condom if they didn't pay attention. Hear that, Tilda?

How this guy escaped any jail time is just testament to the fact that the rich have different laws than the rest of us. His wandering dick has only cost him his job, not his family or opulent lifestyle. For all we know he's still banging hookers; it's just that nobody cares enough to follow him around anymore.