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The Great American Spinster And Her Reluctant Escort's Walk Of Shame For Marley & Me 21.Dec.2008

You know, I'll be ovulating soonYou could go to Blockbuster and rent Air Bud or even Beethoven if you want to watch a cute dog movie minus the Great American spinster. But then you'd have two people out of a job: the spinster and her reluctant escort. And that would be sad.

You can't blame a girl for trying, though. She grimaced through a string of uncomfortable and often downright unfriendly interviews to support her upcoming release, and is overtly courting the paparazzi (she usually prefers her publicist to do the dirty work), all to promote Marley & Me. Oddly enough, her adorable co-star, Owen Wilson, has been nowhere to be found. There could be a few reasons for that: They really hate each other. He's got an embarrassing rash. She paid him to stay home so she could hog the spotlight. Of course it could also be that Owen knows the movie sucks and he bailed. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, look closely at this picture. I see one fading actress who's trying too hard and one captive escort who's feeling a bit too confined. I bet they won't even make Valentine's Day.