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New survey reveals that women think curvier celebrities are sexiest 14.Oct.2011

Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce Knowles, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian top a recent survey of curvier celebrities.

The survey produced by the online plus size store OneSTopPlus* polled 10,000 women asking fashion and body-image questions about shapes and sizes.

It was recorded that 36 per cent of women indicated their belief that Marilyn Monroe was the sexiest celebrity and wished they had her body. Marilyn was followed closely by Beyonce Knowles, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian.

Survey results – sexiest celebrity:

Marilyn Monroe.  36 per cent
Beyonce Knowles. 24 per cent
Sofia Vergara. 20 per cent
Kim Kardashian. 11 per cent
Gwyneth Paltrow. 6 per cent
Katie Holmes. 5 per cent
Christina Hendricks. 4 per cent
Blake Lively. 2 per cent

When asked who has the best fashion sense, the results were slightly more even spread, however it still skewed towards the curvier side. The majority of women voted for Kim Kardashian, followed by Beyonce Knowles and Marilyn Monroe.

Survey results – best fashion sense:

Marilyn Monroe. 18 per cent
Beyonce Knowles. 19 per cent
Sofia Vergara. 11 per cent
Kim Kardashian. 20 per cent
Gwyneth Paltrow. 18 per cent
Katie Holmes. 14 per cent
Christina Hendricks. 3 per cent
Blake Lively. 4 per cent

Plus size model Katie Green, who has been campaigning against size zero models, speaks out about the results "How refreshing to find a survey that actually shows that curvier women are more desirable. Marilyn Monroe set the standard all the way back in the 50's, and I'm glad that peoples perception’s haven't changed! Well done OneStopPlus on highlighting this, as I feel this sort of public informa-tion will make a significant contribution to women's health."

The President of OneStopPlus, Stephanie Sobel, stated that "We are excited about this survey as it endorses the beauty of all women and confirms that beautiful and fashionable women come in all sizes."

* Research undertook in America via an online interactive survey.