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Denise Richards Presents What's For Dinner, Or How I Can Afford To Feed Two Growing Kids And 30 Dogs 15.Jun.2008

Tender Vittles indeedYeah, simply pay no attention to those "Missing Cat - Family Heartbroken" fliers all over the neighborhood. No wonder she's never invited to block parties any more.

Self-proclaimed struggling single mother Denise Richards really knows how to stretch her grocery budget. Best of all, it's something she can share with her pack of marauding dogs as well, saving herself a trip to Petco after a hard day of filming her riveting (yeah, right) reality show and tormenting her brainless (because he continues to rise to the occasion) ex-husband. It's a tough job but the pay's pretty decent ... sure beats what she used to make in Heidi's house.

Charlie recently swore that he would never utter Denise's name in public again. That vow lasted all of about four days. I think it's time for Brooke to step up to the plate and make him forget all about that nasty old shrew. Otherwise, it's only a matter of time before the epic battles between Charlie and Denise take their toll on his marriage to Brooke.