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Liza Minnelli Was Drunk And High On Painkillers When She Collapsed Onstage In Sweden Last Week 21.Dec.2007

Feeling no painPoor Liza. I thought she was getting it together after she got rid of that creepy David Gest, but sadly that doesn't appear to be the case.

Liza collapsed while performing a show in Sweden last week. Her handlers quickly scooped her up and flew her back to New York, hoping to keep it out of the news, but you know those inside sources; you just can't keep them down. Or quiet.

Perez Hilton managed to get a video clip of Liza onstage the night of her collapse. You can watch it if you want to, but I just didn't have the heart. And today, the Swedish media reported that Liza was drunk and high on painkillers, and that caused her collapse. Liza's camp isn't talking. I hope they're getting her detoxed. She could give the Hoff a run for his money on a bender ... and probably drink him under the table.