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Va-va-v-uma! Another Celebrity Bares All To Jumpstart Stagnant Career 20.Oct.2007

Not her best lookI loved the Kill Bill movies, and wish Tarantino would put down the homicidal Filipino lady and let us catch up with The Bride again. It would give Uma Thurman's career a much-needed boost, too. Then maybe she wouldn't have to show the world her bits to stay in the spotlight.

Perhaps it's just a trick of the flashbulbs. Uma wouldn't be the first woman to unknowingly expose her funbags on the red carpet. While this image is somewhat unsettling, it's worse from the rear - Uma's butt is really something that needs to remain under wraps - opaque, heavy layers.

Maybe Uma's career is suffering from romantic distraction. She's done quite well with a series of good-looking, affluent men. After an ill-fated marriage to Ethan Hawke, she moved on to millionaire hotelier Andre Balazs, and recently she's been spotted with Arpad Busson, former lover of Elle McPherson. Not too shabby.