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Who Cares If He Can Play? David Beckham Half-naked Is Better Than No Beckham At All. 13.Aug.2007

No. 1 English exportGotta hand it to that Posh - she's one smart cookie. Talk about marrying well! He's hot, he makes great babies AND he's a moneymaker. Not too shabby.

Becks' ankle trouble seems to still be keeping him from active play, although it makes one wonder if they're just building suspense for when he does finally take the field. This golden boy could be the one to finally put soccer in the US on a par with Major League Baseball and the NFL.

Now if we could only find his wife a job - and explain the importance of leaving a good tip when dining out, especially when you've been a bit ... difficult. I guess no one has told her what kitchen staff will do to her food when she stiffs them. I'm sure they have a hard enough time getting her to clean her plate.